We love this microphone! The VideoMic Me-L is like a miniature VideoMic NTG. Yes, we can easily say it is the cutest and most compact microphone on the market.

Perfect for those taking videos on their smartphone or tablets. Unlike the VideoMic NTG, this microphone does not mount to your camera, but that is not its purpose. Its purpose is to keep it small yet with the same sound quality.

The VideoMic Me-L is a microphone which in our opinion everyone should have if they love taking videos on their smartphone. Great for travelling, Instagram videos, TikToks, YouTube videos, really any videos you take.  Perfect microphone for on the go, you can literally have it in your pocket or bag and quickly and easily plug into your device and you are on your way!

If you would like a microphone that is still, compact but can be mounted to your camera check out our VideoMicro.

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