Yet again, we find ourselves in another lockdown. It has been a norm around the world we have had to adapt to and accept. Being stuck indoors, most of us would agree… not so fun. It may sound cliché but how do we make the best of a not so great situation?

We may have started out thinking it was a great opportunity to watch all the new movies on Netflix, catch up on our favourite series, read that book we started and never finished but after a week or so, well, let’s say, we feel pretty over sitting around doing nothing. So, what next?

Each one of us has something different that we find amusing, interesting, perhaps even motivational. From baking to painting, from YouTube tutorials to online Pilates, we have all had to occupy ourselves and keep ourselves sane somehow or another. So here is an idea in how we can not only keep it interesting for ourselves but also help others with their lockdown projects and amusement. Take something you love to do and share it! Perhaps you are a passionate cook, a timber work fanatic, an aspiring artist, a gym junkie, whatever it may be video yourself and share it! Teach, motivate, help others to master a skill. You will not only be keeping yourselves entertained but you will be helping others who may not have a hobby to occupy themselves during the hard and boring days of lockdown. Let’s work together and stay strong together!

Let us know if you need any tips and tricks on how you can make your videos stand out and of course… sound great!

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