Professional. Studio quality. Compact. This desktop USB microphone is professional and uncomplicated. It plugs straight into your Mac, PC or tablet and is ready to go.

Who is this microphone best suited to? Well, anyone using the above devices mentioned. The NT-USB Mini is best used in a studio or indoor setting where there is not lots of surrounding noise. This is a great microphone for podcasting, gamers, musicians, business professionals, streamers and content creators.

The sound as mentioned above is studio quality sounds, crystal clear is the best way to describe it.

If you are tossing up whether to get the NTG or the NT-USB well here are the facts:

–       NTG is great for indoor and outdoor settings and blocks out sound in a noisier setting. Extremely versatile and can be mounted to your camera for filming.

–        NT-USB Mini is a more studio quality microphone. Thought the NTG is extremely clear and sharp it has a different use. The NT-USB Mini can also be paired with more of the same microphones to create a broadcast, interview or podcast setting. Records best in a quieter setting.

They are both great microphones just with different uses.


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