Bring your travel footage to life

Are you an obsessed traveller? We know just how you feel! 

Having done lots of travelling, I have invested in great camera and video equipment to help me capture those amazing moments and sights. Even though the equipment was high quality, the sound never brought the footage fully to life.

When we got into the audio industry, we were able to discover high quality microphones that solved this issue! Australian made equipment which finally brought our video footage to life! 

My favourite is the VideoMic Me-L. It is an awesome little microphone for travelling and connects straight into your phone! So cool we love it! You could also get a larger option which also attaches to your camera. If you want the whole set up, check out our ‘Vlogger Kit’. Whatever works best for you really, but at the end of the day, you can be sure the sound will be clear, sharp and alive! 

Get onto it fellow traveller’s! 


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