The gaming industry is an industry which continues to boom. With the quality of games becoming better and better, the players are also becoming evermore invested. These days, gamers are not only playing the games, but there are thousands who have created YouTube channels where they share tips, feedback and even record themselves playing the game in action.

As I said, these gamers are invested. They no longer have 1 monitor, but most have 2 or more! Many gamers have admitted that they get so entrenched in the monitor, CPU, video card comb, that usually sound is the last thing they worry about even though it has such a massive effect on their gaming experience. Gamers want to be there, they want to feel that they are there in the game, in that virtual world. Am I right?

Many gamers have resorted to investing in a professional microphone with a set of headphones, and have put their gaming headsets on the shelf. Why? Well simply, the experience and sound is way better! … Ok, I’ll give you a more solid answer… here are just a couple of reasons:

  • VERSATILE.  They not only use the microphone to play the games but they also use them to record content for their gaming channels and do so many other things, the headphones can always be used in various situations, to listen to music etc
  • WAY BETTER SOUND QUALITY. Many gamers say they prefer the sound quality of a good pair of headphones. The Microphone gives a way clearer and sharper sound quality than just using the inbuilt microphone in the headset. Gaming headsets are known to not have great quality inbuilt microphones.

What do you say gamers?

Comment below and give us your feedback.

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